The Remnant Archive is committed in welcoming new voices and delightfully accepts submissions from everyone, especially women and non-binary individuals, members of the LGBTQIA community, and BIPOC. 

The theme for our Spring issue is Homeland. In the words of our guest editor Alolika A. Dutta, Homeland is how we interpret and associate with land, communal identity, and the politics of place. For instance, how does our native land shape our politics? How do we interact with monuments and sites of trauma? How do we relate memory with space? And, how do we speak about land rights and tribal communities under nationalist governments?

Please mention “Submission_genre” in the subject of the mail and mail your document to us at Please also include a short bio of you in the body of the email itself.

 *If you want to send your work for more than one genre, please send us that in different emails under different subjects.


We encourage you to submit poetry, prose, creative nonfiction and reviews of literary and art pieces.

 *Please read individual guidelines for each genre before submitting.


We have no set maximum or minimum length, however, most of our published works are between the range of (250 to 1000) words.

Please keep in mind that TRA is not a paying market right now, although we hope to monetarily appreciate our contributors in future.


We do not accept previously published poetry, that includes poetry that has been posted on your personal blog or social media. Additionally, if you’re making simultaneous submissions and get accepted somewhere else, let us know immediately.

Lastly, please take note of the fact that we are not in a position to comment on each and every submission we get, but we’ll try our best to respond with a short feedback.

The response time for submissions can range from 1-2 weeks. If you do not hear from us even after that period, don’t be hesitant in writing to us.


Important- Please submit work written in English only.

Poetry & Prose

We want poetry that is both moving and provides a strong visual to the reader. Let us know about your relationship with your mother, your deepest fears, what excites you, what makes you human. We want this to be a safe space for you to let your emotions take a hold of you. The beauty of poetry lies in its rawness and that honesty is all we want.

We are open to accept general poetry (maximum 2 pages), Haikus and micro poetry (3-6 lines). Short prose that defies structural order also falls under poetry for us.

If you’re a novice in poetry writing, don’t be hesitant in submitting your work. We believe that each poetry is special as long as it is imaginatively and moving.


Send us a maximum of 3 poetries combined in one single document for one reading period.

For Prose, please make sure that your piece(s) has a stronger, deeper meaning involved. We want soft, lucid prose that builds up imagery. Make sure that your work is a product of fiction. Send us a maximum of 2 fiction prose.


These are surreal and unprecedented times. Send us your reviews of books, essays and art that helped you be yourself and find relevance. Tell us what makes it special for you, how it moved you, made you a different person. Don’t be afraid of experimenting. Draw comparisons from the novel into real life. How does our society work? What is the essence of living? Be innovative, write about your favourite character, how would they react in these times?

We hold a special place for the reviews corresponding to renaissance and indigenous art.

Send us a maximum of 2 reviews combined in one document.

Visual Art and Photographs

Submit to us your art pieces and photographs that speak your emotions. We prefer digitally produced art but a scanned

copy of a physical work would also work.

Please don’t send us art on topical or current events if it does not relate universally.

Send us a maximum of 3 art pieces or photographs with appropriate title in one single document.


We’re open to all types of creative nonfiction, from personal essays to memoirs to literary journalism articles. We tend to incline toward submissions structured around narratives, but we’re also happy to receive work that transcends the boundaries of this general mould. 

In addition to this, we are most interested in writing that is topical or that provides us with a new perspective about customary lifestyles, however, we are also keen on receiving write-ups revolving around personal experiences that are significant enough for you to want to retell, or simply description of a person, place, or thing in your life.

Send us a maximum of 2 pieces combined in one document.