Kashvi Chandok (Editor-In-Chief Fiction)

Kashvi is a Literature student from Delhi, India. Her poetry usually deals with the themes of resistance, injustice of language, grief and residual catharsis. She can be often found in a cafe admiring the works of Sartre and Oscar Wilde. Her poems have been published/ are forthcoming in Evergreen Poetry journal, Rust and Moth literary journal, Stone of Madness press, Dreams walking amongst others.

@kashvichandok on Instagram

Nehal Lala (Editor-In-Chief Non-Fiction)

Nehal is a philosophy undergrad at the University of Delhi. When she is not dabbling with the questions of existence and reality, she resorts to reading and journaling. 

She lays emphasis upon formulating analytical and opinionated articles revolving around historical and sociological topics. She has vested interests in humanitarian and social work and also possesses fluency in French. 

She has been working in the Content Writing and Editing industry since 2019.

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Arshiya Mahajan (Creative Director)

Arshiya has been a literature and art enthusiast since the age of 8 whose day cannot begin without a cup of coffee. She has always been an avid reader and orator which is the reason she took a course in creative writing from the British Council. One will often hear her stating that reading takes her to a new world and writing helps her create one of her own. In times when certain fears and apprehensions seem to get the better of her, she can be seen to fall back on her old Enid Blyton books that hug her like nobody else. In another news, Arshiya loves participating in Parliamentary Debate Championships and is a part of her college’s debating society.

@arshiyamahajan on Instagram

Current Team

Srijani Ganguly (Editor- Fiction)

Srijani Ganguly is a former journalist, with a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Limerick. She  holds editorial positions in Talking Writing and Vestal Review, and volunteers as a reader for Sandstone Press. She currently lives in Dublin and can be found on Twitter @gigiganguly


Khushee Dogra (Reader- Fiction)

Khushee Dogra (she/her) is someone whom Sabrina Benaim would describe as 'the loneliest sweet potato.'

Apart from being a serotonin deficient published writer, she spends her time studyblr-ing and manifesting a winsome life on pinterest.


Sidra (Editor- Non Fiction) 

Sidra is the Editor of Non Fiction at The Remnant Archive as well as a reader of Creative Non Fiction at Mud Season Review Literary Journal. She is a freelance writer for hire and the founder of Inkspiration, a women's writing support group. She is a professional writer who will soon be a published author of her book "Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love" which will be out in October 2020. 


Chhavi Bahmba (Reader- Non Fiction)

Chhavi is a chai-loving sociology-literature student, who geeks out on books, art and everything cinematic. A faltering feminist, trembling idealist who loves hugs.


Kaveri (Graphic Designer) 

Kaveri, majoring in English from Panjab University, has always been fascinated with Graphic Designing. Obsessed with curating something new everyday, she can be found coddling her devices and books in a corner. 


Ananya (Graphic Designer) 


Ananya, a literature student at Delhi University, is a self taught graphic designer. Designing for almost 2 years now, she is extremely peculiar about intricacies of all her digital design. The testimony of her patience is the fact that she used Illustrator on an Intel i3. You can always find her with her laptop or books. Otherwise, she's probably gaming.

Previous Teams

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Rishitha Shetty (Editor- Fiction)

Victoria Iacchetta (Art Head)

Zarnab Tufail (Columnist)

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Kashvi Parekh (Columnist)

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