Kashvi Chandok (Editor-In-Chief Fiction)

Kashvi Chandok is a literature student from New Delhi, India. She loves coffee, books and rainy conversations on anything Kafkaesque. Her poetry usually deals with the themes of resistance, injustice of language, grief and residual catharsis. She is a UNwomen representative for journalists in Asia. You can find more of her work here:

Nehal Lala (Editor-In-Chief Non-Fiction)

Nehal is a student of philosophy and sociology at the University of Delhi. She is a mental health ally who thoroughly enjoys reading, and has vested interests in social work. 

To strike a conversation about books and literature, you can reach out to her on @readerfromdelhi on Instagram.

Alternatively, @nehal_lala.

Arshiya Mahajan (Creative Director)

Arshiya is a literature and art enthusiast who has always been an avid reader, and orator with an interest in creative writing. One will often hear her stating that reading takes her to a new world and writing helps her create one of her own. In another news, Arshiya loves debating and is keen on observing the capital markets. 

@arshiyamahajan on Instagram

Current Team

Alolika A. Dutta (Guest Editor, Spring Issue 2021)

Alolika is a poet and writer based in Bombay. Her work uses imagery and narration to explore identity, memory, and geography. Most recently, her poems have appeared in the December Issue of Nether Quarterly and ‘A Letter, A Poem, A Home: A Collection Of Essays And Poems’ published by Red River Press. Her work has also appeared in The Woman Inc., Coldnoon, Yellow Medicine Review, and can be found in the upcoming volume of the Helter Skelter Anthology of New Writing.

Zarnab Tufail (Editor, Tea Time Verse)

Zarnab Tufail is a 19-year-old Pakistani poetess and the co-founder of The Walled City Journal. Besides finishing up sitcoms on Netflix, she enjoys taking landscape photos, reading historical fiction, and contemporary poetry. 

Instagram: @pakiflavored


Adritanaya Tiwari is a dentist by profession. She likes to believe she has a way with words, dogs, and cavities. She is a trained Hindustani classical vocalist and often dabbles in photography and other forms of visual art.


Ishika Chaturvedi is a literature student who basks in the glory of rain and Delhi, whenever provided with a chance and often forfeits to emotions and poetry. 


Harshita Vyas is a literature enthusiast. She reads more than she writes, and dreams more than she reads. She has a strong tea addiction and an online anime influence in her life.


Poulomi, who occasionally dislikes words, is a student of literature and has been writing for more than ten years. They enjoy heavy metal, cats and drinking almost anything iced. 


Amal Joseph currently pursues his Communication major in India. He is a third-generation Malayali from Sharjah who deeply enjoys being the only child and reading.


Anannya Uberoi, based in Madrid, is Poetry Editor at The Bookends Review, the winner of the 6th Singapore Poetry Contest and a Pushcart Prize nominee. An ardent lover of mountains, wildlife, and artisan tea, she describes her writing as a meditative engagement with and an entropic questioning of the essential elements of life and nature.


Raunaq is a twenty-year-old from Aligarh. He attempts to carve a slice-of-life in the stories he writes, borrowing from the vicisstudes of those around and his ownself. Contemporary Indian Fiction and Modern Indian History are the two realms he likes to spend his days around.


Navneet is an English Literature student from Lady Shri Ram College. She prefers poetry over all other genres. She loves writing letters and heartfelt messages for her loved ones


Manya is a student of life. She writes, reads, makes art and photographs amongst her other ordinary adventures. She is trying to weave stories through her words and photographs and is in love with little things like sunflowers, the ocean, breakfast dates and cooking (and Vir Das). She'll read you a book if you ever happen to meet her, but until then, she'll write you her verses instead.


Shubhangi Thakur (Social Media Manager)

Shubhangi Thakur is just a girl who’s perpetually ecstatic about things. She is not the most voracious reader you may come across yet her dream is to carve out a niche in the literary field. She may even be vain enough to think that her words matter. Also, she loves climbing mountains and when she’s not climbing mountains, she’s moving them.


Kaveri (Graphic Designer) 

Kaveri, majoring in English from Panjab University, has always been fascinated with Graphic Designing. Obsessed with curating something new everyday, she can be found coddling her devices and books in a corner. 

Previous Teams


Winter Issue'20

Srijani Ganguly (Editor- Fiction)

Khushee Dogra (Reader- Fiction)

Sidra (Editor- Non Fiction)

Chhavi Bahmba (Reader- Non Fiction)

Ananya Tyagi (Graphic Designer) 

Kaveri Satija (Graphic Designer) 

Autumn Issue'20

Rishitha Shetty (Editor- Fiction)

Victoria Iacchetta (Art Head)

Zarnab Tufail (Columnist)

Anannya Uberoi (Columnist)

Kashvi Parekh (Columnist)

Leyla Mehmet (Columnist)