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What we're about

The Remnant Archive is an online journal comprising features on literature, art and history.


The thought process behind the establishment of The Remnant Archive was to preserve memory through art form. Memories of grief, loss and celebration linger amongst all of us. We wanted to honour those memories, those experiences that shaped us and fed our art.


With TRA, we wanted to build a pandora box of such memories, hence the name, ​Remnant​: ​a part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed​ and Archive​: ​a repository or collection especially of information.

We prioritise the authenticity of one’s creative conceptions and strongly believe in presenting our work with moral ethics. 

The purpose of the journal is to create a community of artists and readers with common love of all things poetry and prose.


The journal focuses on original fiction works, reviews, non fiction essays, and memoirs from our readers (keep checking our Instagram page for updates).

To submit, please check our submission guidelines for each genre.